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The zeal and expertise we put in to bring you the best lighting technology has helped us grow. Today we are trusted suppliers of lighting solutions to both small and large scale buildings. Be it hotels, luxury malls, hospitals, offices, or residential buildings, our light fixtures shine through all of them.

Lighting up the architectural marvels

We design lighting fixtures with an outstanding quality of light and meet the minutest of our client’s requirements at a cost-effective range without compromising quality.

Quality fittings delivered within project deadlines

We adhere to the deadlines and provide the best of our services within the stipulated time to experience lighting solutions’ glory in short timings.

Manufacturing of custom fittings

We design custom lighting solutions for our clientele, even if it means an entirely new lighting fixture that requires extensive research and innovation.

Installation guide and support

We help with the installation of lighting fixtures if you direct us to. However, the support and guidance remain throughout the completion and after the project.

Technical advice to contractors

We make sure that your lighting fixtures and lighting equipment stay intact for a long duration. Hence, we provide all kinds of technical support and directives to follow.

Guarantees on all LED products

We offer a guarantee of 5 years and above for all our lighting fixtures for serving the customer to the fullest and ensure that they receive the maximum return on investment.

Our Certifications


DP LED E-Brochure 14-03
DP LED E-Brochure 14-03